About Us

Spiro Jacob Diamonds is a 3rd Generation Diamond Manufacturing Company and a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange for almost 60 years.

The diamond exchange in Israel is an important part of the country’s economy and an integral part of its history.

Diamonds have been mined and traded in the region for centuries, but the modern diamond exchange was first established in the late 1950s.

The diamond exchange was set up in the city of Ramat Gan, which lies just outside of Tel Aviv.  It was originally called the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange, but in 1964 it was renamed the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE).

The IDE was established to bring together diamond traders from all over the world in one central location. The aim was to create a centralized market where the trade of diamonds could be regulated and monitored. The IDE has grown significantly since its founding and now plays an important role in the global diamond industry. The exchange is home to over 600 companies, including diamond cutters,  traders, manufacturers, and wholesalers. The IDE is one of the top five diamond exchanges in the world.

The Spiro Family

Has been a part of the Israeli diamond industry since its very beginning.

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Founding member – Mr. Bernard Spiro z”l , brought knowledge and expertise from Europe and operated one of the first polishing factories in Israel. His Son – Mr. Jacob Spiro z”l, continued in his fathers footsteps and eventually took over the family business in order to continue his father’s legacy. His 2 sons, Uri Spiro and Gadi Spiro carried on in the industry and currently operate and represent the company as it continues to grow and conduct trade on a global scale.

Spiro J. Diamonds has been on the Board of the Israel Diamond Exchange for 3 generations and continues to help improve and maintain the industry by actively participating in its administration.

Spiro J. Diamonds has been involved in diamond markets all over the world, such as the United States, South-Africa, Europe and Asia.

We consider it a significant aspect of our business to teach people how to understand the beautiful world of Diamonds

And to know what the true value of this magnificent creation of nature is.